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Shaftless LED Skylights Perth

  • No Heat Transfer

Traditional skylights use reflective tubing to reflect and amplify the light into your home. This can also reflect and amplify the heat! The LED skylights harness the power of the sun for light, without transferring heat into your home.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Harnessing the power of the sun means that you rely less on internal lights during the day. This means you’re not only getting a smart lighting solution, but saving money on electricity!

  • No Leaks

Over time, your shaft / tube skylights are prone to leaks. This can be from damaged diffusers, as well as poor installations. The LED skylights are shaftless, which means there is no penetrations in your roof. 

  • Quick & Easy Installation

Most LED skylights can be installed in an hour or two. The process involves fixing the panel to your roof, crawling in the roof space to run the cable through and then cutting and fixing the LED on your ceiling. Quick and easy!

illume™ The Skylight Alternative

The illume Skylight Alternative has a sleek design, using solar technology to transform any room into a bright space by simulating the lighting conditions outside, without the need for a light shaft.
No light shaft or UV • No mains power or batteries required • No running costs • Easy to install • Hail resistant • 2 year warranty (upon registration)

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Julian DonkinLandsdale, WA
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We had two of these led skylights installed in our home in Landsdale. 1 in the hallway, 1 in the walk in robe. Happy with how bright those areas are in the summer and im sure it will work in the winter just as good. Thanks to Michael and Troy for talking me into these!
Mary ThomasPort Kennedy, WA
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Had Michael call around last Saturday to install our skylights. Very happy and would recommend Michael to anyone who needs them.