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Windmaster Whirlybird Ventilation Perth

The Windmaster roof ventilator is designed to extract heat and moisture out of your roof space. The aluminum design comes with a 15 year warranty and is available in 26 colours. With no energy consumption, the Windmaster provides ventilation even when little to no wind.
  • Removes heat from roof space
  • Prevents heat radiating downwards into home
  • Improves air conditioning efficiency 15-20%*
  • Removes moisture from roof space
  • Prevents mould and mildew
  • Works hand-in-hand with insulation

How many Windmasters are needed

The number of whirlybirds required to sufficiently ventilate a home can vary on a number of factors. These include the construction of the roof, the orientation of the home and the size of the roof space.
As a general rule of thumb, one wind-driven whirlybird is required for every 80m2 of roof space.  
On average, this means a 3×1 would require two whirlybirds, whilst a standard 4×2 would need three to four.
For a recommendation tailored to your home, it’s best to chat with the Whirlybird Perth team. 

Windmaster Colour Chart

Slide to view colour range.


Barbara TheodurouMarangaroo, WA
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We had 2 solar and 2 normal whirlybirds installed by you. Very happy with how they are working as it's not been as hot as normal. thanks Barbara
Sunil MoopruseArmadale, WA
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Ollie came round last Saturday morning to install our new roof vents. Very polite and was done in an hour. Very happy with the work and I'm sure they'll make a huge difference. Would be happy to recommend.