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Turbobeam Ventilation Perth

The Turbobeam is the perfect way to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. By ventilating the roof space and providing natural light, the Turbobeam helps reduce heat, air conditioning costs, moisture, and improve air quality. With its easy installation and operation, the Turbobeam is the perfect solution for any home.
  • Removes heat from roof space
  • Prevents heat radiating downwards into home
  • Improves air conditioning efficiency 15-20%*
  • Removes moisture from roof space
  • Prevents mould and mildew
  • Works hand-in-hand with insulation

Deter Rodents with Natural Light

 Natural light has many benefits in your roof space. Not only can the light provide increased visibility for any attic space, but the light can also deter vermin and pests.
Rodents and possums in the roof space are an ongoing problem in many Perth suburbs. They are noisy neighbors and can damage insulation in your home. Often when a possum or rodents nests in the roof space, they leave faeces everywhere! This can lead to maggots and ongoing health problems for you and your family.
Roof cavity cleaning is not cheap, and the replacement insulation can cost thousands. All this without solving the problem can create a painful cycle.
The Turbobeam allows natural light to enter the roof cavity. This light acts as a deterrent as rodents and possums prefer to nest in dark spaces. Therefore, if you’re thinking about a whirlybird for your home, it makes sense to think about a Turbobeam with the added rodent-deterring benefits.
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Barbara TheodurouMarangaroo, WA
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We had 2 solar and 2 normal whirlybirds installed by you. Very happy with how they are working as it's not been as hot as normal. thanks Barbara
Sunil MoopruseArmadale, WA
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Ollie came round last Saturday morning to install our new roof vents. Very polite and was done in an hour. Very happy with the work and I'm sure they'll make a huge difference. Would be happy to recommend.