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Solar Whilrybirds Perth

Harness the sun to keep your home cooler with solar whirlybirds. More efficient than wind driven whirlybirds, solar ventilation extracts heat whilst reducing moisture in your home. Keep cooler in the summer with solar whirlybird ventilation for your home.

  • Up to 21x More Efficient Than Standard Whirlybirds

A standard whirlybird moves approximately 100/m3 of air per hour. The solar powered roof vents move 2,100m3/hr – a whopping 21 times greater than the standard whirlybird.

  • Prevents Mould & Mildew Build Up

In the wetter months, moisture builds up in your roof space. This can lead to mould and mildew on your insulation and ceilings. By ventilating the roof space with solar powered whirlybird, damp air is extracted reducing your risk.

  • Removes Heat From The Roof Space

In the hotter months, heat gets trapped in your roof space. This heat can exceed 55-60 degrees in WA! If not sufficiently ventilated, this heat radiates downwards into your home. Solar ventilation enables this heat to be sucked out, keeping your home cooler!

  • Vent Heat From Hot Rooms

You have the option with solar whirlies to vent heat from the home. By installing ceiling vents, heat can be extracted directly from the rooms.

Why Whirlybird Ventilation with Solar Roof Vents

In the Summer, your home can become a hot box without air flow. Whilst outside temperatures may be mid to high 30s, your roof often exceeds 60 degrees. Like lifting the lid of a boiling pot of water, whirlybirds enable that hot air to escape.

A cooler home is a comfortable home!

Traditional wind driven whirlybirds have their limitations. With limited volumes of air moving, home owners have looked to other alternatives. This includes solar whirlybirds and electric whirlybirds.

Solar whirlybirds harness the power of the sun. This means that they can be at least 5-10 times more efficient than standard whirlybirds. With more hot air being expelled from your home and roof there is less heat build up.

Relax, sleep easy and enjoy a comfortable home in the heat with solar whirlybirds.


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I had 2 Solar roof vents installed on a Two storey roof, not the easiest tiles to work with. Michael did a great job was very efficient, can tell the temperature drop straight away.
Jane Hammond
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This is one of the best purchases I have made. I got home today and it was 44 degrees outside and prior to having the Whirlybird installed my house would have been like an oven but today it was 33 degrees and quite comfortable. I am wondering if I need to get another as well. Awesome service, installation was quick and very clean and tidy. Thank you guys. Very happy 😊
Christopher Rickson
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Michael and his team were amazing thorough and picked up and fixed other work that our builder had missed while installing our solar whirly’s. They Cleaned up all the mess and did it in 40 plus degree heat. Truly amazing and inspiring. The best workers we have had the whole build. These are the guys to use. I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
Brett Greay
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Had one wind whirlybird and one solar installed. The temp difference in our attic was dramatically different after install, I was actually shocked. Wish I had done this years ago! Everything from booking the job, discussing my options, and installation went so smoothly I would give 6 stars if I could. Absolute pleasure dealing with a family-run business who make sure you are getting the right product, and have the experience to back it up. Highly recommended!
Max Ling
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Had my solar vent installed just before Xmas time, professional jobs and friendly tradesman , makes a big different on heat.


The solar vent is a powerful solar ventilator for roof spaces & homes. Designed for tin and tiled roofs, they can be installed on new & existing homes. They operate via a PV panel mounted to the fan itself. It can operate in low-light conditions and guarantees reliable extraction when you need it most on those hot, scorching summer days.

Capacity: 2100CBM Per Hour

Motor :35 Watts, 6-19VDC, 1600RPM Max, Brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings

Solar Panel Type:  Monocrystalline PV, Heavy Duty Frame, 3mm Tempered Glass

Solar Panel Output: 35 Watts, 15VDC

Fan: 300mm Balanced 5 Blade Metal with Low Resistance

Noise: <45dBA

Automatic Shut Off: <25°C +/- 5%

Construction: Aluminium Top Cover, Steel Body, Steel Brackets and Stainless Steel Fasteners

Colour: Black Powder Coated

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (10 Years on Solar Panel)  

Case Study - Solar Roof Vent

Using our thermal imaging data recording software, we mapped a standard Perth home temperature variations. We measured the external temperature, the roof cavity without ventilation and the roof cavity after we installed a solar whirlybird with 6 eave vents.

The chart to the left shows that the external temperature reached a peak of 32.5 degrees. With no ventilation, the roof was measured at 48.1 inside the roof space. However with the installation of solar ventilation, this dropped 8.6 degrees to 39.5 degrees.

I've seen many summers come and go, but this 2023-24 one stands out as one of the driest and hottest in memory. With scorching temperatures becoming the new norm, it's crucial to find effective solutions to beat the heat and keep our homes comfortable. Solar whirlybirds offer a sustainable and efficient way to alleviate the pain of the relentless heat. By harnessing the power of the sun to ventilate your home, they not only help to cool down indoor spaces but also make your air conditioning system more efficient. It's a win-win solution for staying cool while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Michael Mills, Owner at Perth Whirlybird